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 Online Art Sales Information:

Artwork shown in the Museum and in this catalogue is for sale by the Artists and the Artists Council. All artwork sales are subject to availability.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the artwork please email: with the name of the artists, title of the artwork and your contact information. We will get back to you as soon as we check the availability of the artwork. If purchased during the show the art can be picked up at Palm Springs Art Museum; The Galen at 72567 CA-111, Palm Desert, Ca on Saturday April 13th from noon to 3pm. All other sales deliveries will be subject to artists location. Thank you!

Artists Information and Prices

Note: numbers correspond to page numbers in the catalogue

8 Luciana Abait, Iceberg - Fire II, Mixed media: photograph on paper, pencil, pastels, $2500

9 Cristina Acosta, Palo Verde Spring, Acrylic, graphite, charcoal on birch panel, $7800

10 Lou Armentrout, Evolution, Found objects: TV satellite dish, wire, bird feathers, paint, $800

11 Linda Atkins, On Reflection 3 - Marilyn Monroe, Acrylic on canvas, mixed media, resin, $3600

12 Tokeli B, The Magnetic Pull, Mixed media on canvas, $2100

13 Robert Bradshaw, 1st I Was a Crow, Then a Monkey, Then a 

Homosapiens, Ink, acrylic, colored pencil on Gessoboard, $2850

14 Tyler Burton, Blue Heron, Found object and steel, $5500

15 Clark Carlton, Coca Cola Sky, Acrylic on canvas, $8000

16 Eduardo Carriazo, AI, Porcelain, steel and LED strip, $8000

17 Kim Chasen, Reclaimed, Acrylic, canvas, rusted metal, $2400

18 Ryan Chesla, Buddha Goes to the Disco, Photograph, $1499

19 Gideon Cohn, Wallpepper (I Grew it, I Drew it Series), Oil, $6500

20 D Wallace Colvard, Mirror, Archival pigment print on Iridium paper, $2150

21 Martha Cowan, Mission at Dusk, Monotype with chine colle, $650

22 Karen Curry, Yellow Brick Road, Mixed media, $2100

23 Chick Curtis, Relying on Science, Monotype with chine colle, oil pastel, $1000

24 Jeffrey Davies, Dimensions #26, Acrylic on metal sheet, $750

25 Mardi de Veuve Alexis, Expressions of Change, Acrylic, collage, and mixed media on canvas, $4200

26 Garret Demarest, IMG 5093.3, Digital photograph, $800

27 Sandy Dingman, Blooming Basket, Found and natural objects, enamel on copper, $525

28 David Dumo, Pool Quilt, Digital photograph collage, $2000

29 Waide Egener, Phoenix, Print monotype, $800

30 Toni Flynn, Behind the Curtain, Oil on canvas, $1400

31 Marilyn Froggatt, Andreas Trail III, Oil, $6000

32 Frederick Fulmer, Ghost Cabin Green, Acrylic and photo transfer on wood panel, $850

33 Marcia Geiger, Ohlsen Ruins, Joshua Tree National Park, Oil on canvas, $4000

34 Nancy Gesimondo, Homage to O’Keefe, Assemblage, $850

35 Gail Glikmann, Bulletproof, Found objects, mixed media, $3500

36 Barbara Gothard, Unfolding, Digital painting, $1250

37 Jason Graves, Between Then and Now, Acrylic, $2700

38 Linda Hanna, Urban I, Watercolor, $500

39 Carole Hatcher, Spirit Messages, Reclaimed object assemblage, $4900

40 Rebecca Hendrickson, The Shifts That Move Us, Hand-altered photography, $600

41 Dennis Johnson, Reclaimed, Acrylic and mixed media, $2950

42 Hunter Johnson, Lazy One, Digital photograph, $950

43 Brendon Kahn, Opt Out, Digital archival print, $950

44 Stacie Khouri, Krystallos, Glass and ceramic mosaic, $7500

45 Dimitry Kirillov, Bartlett Mountains, Joshua Tree, Photograph, $700

46 Angela Koenig, Looking to Move, mixed media printmaking, $1000

47 Suzanne Lauver, City Traffic to Desert Bliss, Woven paper, $5000

48 James Lawrason, Eyes of Oblivion, Archival pigment print, $800

49 Mark Leonard, Golden Rectangles: Narcissus, Gouache and synthetic resin on panel, $2500

50 Samuel Fleming Lewis, Interview Series, Silver Screen - Green, Mixed media, $3000

51 Allen Loman, Desert Landscape #1, Acrylic, $850

52 Tom Lowe, convainçu, Wool felt, $2500

53 Lawrence Luchtel, Climate Cycle 324, Flashe vinyl on canvas, $2200

54 Mandy Main, Stargazer, Sculpture: metal and paint, $600

55 Irene Ryan Maloney, Face Me, Intaglio-type printmaking, $1000 

56 Kim Manfredi, Ciervo, Oil and metal leaf on board, $1200

57 Jessica McCoy, Living Room, Watersoluble oil on canvas, $2400

58 Diana McLaughlin, Evening Porch View, Oil on canvas, $1000 

59 Lucy Meepos, Wowee Zowee, Oil, $5000 

60 Curt Miller, Memorial Metamorphosis, Acrylic on canvas, $700

61 Valerie Milot, Tiger Lady, Acrylic, $2495

62 Eva Montville, Nature Resilient, Eucalyptus wood, $2500

63 Diane Morgan, Washing Grapes, Watercolor, $4800

64 Donna Morin, Dancing Moons, Monoprint, $2600

65 Rex Maurice Oppenheimer, Mating Dance, Acrylic, $1000

66 Nettie Peña, Chichicastenago Mother and Child, Digital photograph, $1000

67 Tony Radcliffe, In the Garden of My Imagination, Oil on Gessoboard, $2500

68 Andrea Raft, Alchemy, Mixed media: Collage paper and acrylic paint, $1700

69 Jim Riche, Perito Moreno Glacier, Archival digital pigment print, $1100

70 Tom Ross Rosenberg, Kinship, Acrylic on acrylic panel, $2950

71 Joanne Beaule Ruggles, Fly Bait, Acrylic and collage, $2100

72 T Santora, Parallels (Asia), Mixed media on canvas, $800

73 Mela Sarda, Countless Secrets You Hold, Mantua, Montage photo print, $500

74 Laurie Schafer, Desert Vista from My Screen Door, Fiberglass win dow screen appliqued with silk dupioni, $2000

75 Jilda Schwartz, Cock Urns with Background Painting, Acrylic on 

canvas, glazed ceramic, $5800

76 Jeannette Scollard, Hallowed Ground, Acrylic on canvas, $2800

77 Elaine Sigwald, Metamorphosis of an Orb, Digital painting, $6300

78 Judy Sklar, Surprise!, Collage on canvas, $1500

79 Jennifer Smith, Cheers, Acrylic on canvas, $1600

80 Kerrie Smith, Equipoise/Vapours 10, Acrylic on wood panel, $900

81 Laurel Thomas, Searching for Herself, Pastel, charcoal, acrylic on paper, $1200

82 Carmen Tostado, Historical Diversity, Altered books, $1800

83 Rhonda Urdang, After Portrait of a Negress (1800), Femmage with hand-cut paper, historical photograph, doily, $3000

84 Meridy Volz, Warrior Boyz, Oil, $5000

85 Meg Walling, Three Towels and a Tower, Oil on canvas, $5184

86 Barbara Weightman, In the Forest, Oil, $1500

87 Jean Wells, Moosaic, Mirrored glass and mixed media, $8000

88 Trudy Wood, Koyo, Colored pencil, $5000

89 Lori Worby-Krebs, Spiritual Warrior VII: Cazique, Mixed media, $1600

90 Stefanie Young, Tattoo Tries #2, Monotype print, $2000