Application Form for Artists Council Founding Board Members

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Your opportunity to be a founding member of the new Artists Council Board of Directors

Call for Applications


The independent Artists Council is ready to launch, and we are looking for leaders interested in being on the ground floor of this dynamic arts organization.

This fall, we will elect 11 members of the new Artists Council’s founding Board of Directors. We need people with a love of the visual arts and experience with non-profits, fundraising, marketing, business, and finance. We invite you to apply!

(Please note: If you are interested in leadership on the Artists Council, but not necessarily being on the Board, there will be calls at a later date for team leads to manage operations and activities. You will have plenty of opportunity to use your talents!)


Below please find:

  • Information on the direction of the new Artists Council

  • Brief “job description” for Board members

  • Election process and timeline

  • Application for Artists Council Board of Directors.

If you have questions, email, and a current Board member will get back to you promptly.

Please note that applications for the new Artists Council Board of Directors are due September 30, 2018.

Direction of the New Artists Council

The Artists Council is a newly forming non-profit organization that is transitioning from its 50 year-affiliation with Palm Springs Art Museum. Museum staff and the Board of Trustees are working with us to ensure a successful launch.

The Artists Council’s mission is to promote art and artists of the greater Palm Springs area by “presenting prestigious art programming that challenges and engages artists and the community while offering quality opportunities for education and development.”  

We have defined a robust set of potential programs to support this mission:

  • Exhibitions: juried exhibitions, member shows, exchange exhibitions

  • Education: art classes and week-long workshops; business of art workshops; art forums; critiques

  • Networking and community building: salons, studio tours, coffee klatches, and book clubs

  • Galleries: gallery shop and sales to support local arts and artisans; on-line rental gallery

  • Artists Fund: to provide a safety net for artists facing emergencies.

As an independent entity, the new Artists Council will need to place greater emphasis on fund-raising and generating revenue. This is a significant addition to the scope of the existing organization.

The new Artists Council will need a center for exhibitions, events, and community gatherings. The current Board is in discussion about several possible sites.

New Artists Council Board Job Description

The new Board will oversee the operations and business aspects of the nonprofit. Fundraising will be one of its most important functions.

All Board members must be willing to:

  • Be an officer or committee head

  • Commit financially to at least twice the yearly membership fees, which will be determined by the new Board

  • Commit significant time to fundraising activities

  • Attend three-quarters of monthly Board meetings and not have two consecutive unexcused absences

  • Serve a minimum 2-year term, with an option for re-election to two addition terms, for a total of 6 years (some directors may have an initial 1-year term to allow for staggered elections going forward).

The Board Election Process

  • Applications due (via email; see application below) No later than September 30

  • Review of applications by Initial Board Selection Committee September 30-October 10

  • Phone or in-person interviews with selected candidates October 10-October 25

  • Presentation and election of final 11 candidates at Selection Meeting TBD, by early November

  • New Board training TBD, November

  • First meeting of the new Artists Council Board December 12

Again, if you have any questions, please send an email to, and a current Board member will get back to you promptly.

Thank you! We look forward to receiving your application and appreciate your interest in being a founding member of the new Artists Council Board of Directors.

Artists Council Initial Board Selection Committee:

  • Stephen Baumbach

  • Gary Hall

  • David Hatcher

  • Tony Radcliffe

  • Mary Ann Sutherland

Please tell us about your information and experience in the following areas. It goes without saying that no one will have experience in all areas! The Board is a team—the sum of its members’ skills and experience.