Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How do I join or renew my membership in the new Artists Council? 

Please click on Membership below. This will take you to the membership page.

How much does it cost to join the Artists Council?

We have one level of membership: $75 for a full year of access to Artists Council programs, including Preferred access to all Artists Council activities, most at no cost or a discounted rate, including exhibitions, newsletter, posting on the Artists Corner on this website, classes, workshops, life drawing, salons, critiques, studio tours, and more.

Do I still need to join the museum to join the Artists Council?

You no longer need to join the museum to be a member of the Artists Council. You can join the Artists Council alone. However, there are also many benefits to museum membership, so we encourage you to join.

How do I volunteer to help?

Contact us at, leaving your email and phone number. An AC Board member will get back to you promptly.

What is the Artists Council mission?

To promote art and artists of the greater Palm Springs area by presenting prestigious art programming that challenges and engages artists and the community while offering quality opportunities for education and development.

What are plans for the new Artists Council? 

Plans for the new Artists Council are under development, but programs will include exhibitions at the Palm Springs Art Museum in Palm Desert; exchange exhibitions with organizations outside the Valley; classes for beginning to experienced artists; 3- to 5-day workshops; other learning opportunities, including salons, business-of-art workshops, critiques, art book club, studio tours; and more.


What exhibitions are planned for 2019?

Other exhibitions include a member show at University of California Riverside in Palm Desert and the annual Artists Council Exhibition in fall 2019 in the Palm Springs Art Museum in Palm Desert.

Is the Artists Council a non-profit?

  • Incorporated, California Secretary of State as the Artists Council (August 3, 2018)

  • Employer Identification Number: 83-1485698

  • 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. (received September 7, 2018)


What if I already renewed my membership this year?

  • Your membership in the Artists Council Is good for one year from when you joined. Membership in the "old" Artists Council will roll over to the new Artists Council.

  • Remember: to participate in the Artists Council exhibitions, you must be a member at the time of submission and for the duration of the exhibition.

  • If you have questions about membership, please email us at

Who are the Board Officers?

David Hatcher, Chair, 310-629-9366

Mary Ann Sutherland, Secretary, 760-548-0707

Jim Riche, Treasurer, 617-510-7459

Tony Radcliffe, Past Chair, 909-789-1776, 909-844-4836

Who is on the Artists Council Board?

  1. Jim Riche, Treasurer

  2. Wallace Colvard, Communications

  3. Barbara Gothard, Emeritus and Advisory Committee

  4. David Hatcher, Chair

  5. Carole Hatcher, Special Events

  6. MarJon Hudson, Development and Communications (media)

  7. Tony Radcliffe, Exhibitions, Inaugural Exhibition

  8. Mary Ann Sutherland, Secretary

  9. Uschi Wilson, Education

Please contact us with any additional questions.

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